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Crawler system below 100 horsepower
performance feature
Highest speed            40km/h
Steering radius            same as former equiment
Approach angle            90
Departure angel          80
climbing angle 45          100%
largest slope angle         68%
weight                  5.22T
Max traveling distance on hard roads
26 degrees Celsius below and light loaded unlimited
Over 26 degrees Celsius and light loaded  25kms at 40 km/h
Over 26 degrees Celsius and full loaded: 8kms at 30km/h

Crawler system between 100 and 200 horsepower
performance feature
Suitable for 100-200 horsepower harvester, tractor
Highest speed 20km/h
Ground pressure 30kpa, anti-trapped and protecting land
Equipped with 24 (600 mm) in rubber tracks,unique formula, strong wear resistance
Exchange with former wheel tyre in 30 min

Crawler system over 200 horsepower
performance feature
Highest speed 36km/h
Ground pressure 40kpa, protecting land
Reduce fuel consumption by 10% - 30%, energy conservation and environmental protection
Optional rubber track width 30in or 36in
Equipped with self-adjusting hydraulic tensioning system
Exchange with former wheel tyre in 30 mins

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